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Our Company

Arbim Studio Pvt Ltd is an extended establishment of Artech engineering Solutions formed in 2009 with a vision to catalyze a revolution in the engineering industry with innovative ideas. The company is built on strong fundamentals and a working system empowered by the latest technologies and growth-oriented parameters.

We have taken up projects from every industry and created new possibilities in the domains AEC Industry.
Our humble beginnings and visionary approaches have carved a unique spot in the industry boasting unparalleled foresight and commitment. Our aim is to spread compelled engineering ideas across the globe. We have worked on several projects of national importance, delivering on our promises of deliverability, efficiency and technical excellence.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to create new possibilities with sustainable & innovative solutions in the AEC Industry to set criterion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a beacon of performance-driven organization, creating cutting-edge solutions with immaculate engineering expertise.


From the Desk of the CEO

The Engineer of Our Success

“At ARBIM, we are not just building advanced solutions, but we are creating new pathways and possibilities.”
Working together as a team of Architects and engineers, I have observed our organization has grown from plinth to paramount in just a few years after its establishment.

Our plan is to take up projects that further redefine how we think, work, and implement. With a workforce of young and experienced architects and engineers, I am sure that our organization will, one day, become a global solutions provider and deliver expertise in every part of the world.

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Our Team and Work Environment

Achieving the success we have accomplished was not possible without an outstanding team of professionals, visionaries, and experts. We house some of the competent Architects, engineers, and Project Managers the industry has to offer and leverage their expertise to ideate, curate, and yield overarching BIM solutions.

ARBIM is home to a diversified workforce working together by sharing ideas and solutions. We have set new standards in the industry as 30% of our Team members are women, which led us to build and sustain an ethical work environment powered by state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Our work culture is challenging but growth-oriented, and we support our wizards of technology with updated training and skills required to build effective and pertinent solutions.


Our architects are agile, creative, and constantly ready to tackle new challenges with a rich experience in BIM Industry.


Our team of engineers is a mix of professionals in Mechanical, Electrical, Structure, and civil engineering providing them domain-specific knowledge and technical expertise to solve any problem in a quick timeframe.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers bring in the experience, knowledge, and efficient communication skills that would make them our client’s ideal first point of contact. They are fluent in English ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

Human Resource Development

Our experienced team of Human resources and development has the administrative skills and the HRM knowledge and expertise which ensures that our team gets the right environment to maximize their productivity.

IT and Marketing

Thoughtfulness, originality, and attention to detail define our marketing and IT team members. They are masters in their respective domains and always strive to showcase our company’s achievements

Our Team Members

Claudia Aria

Claudia Aria

Senior Developer
Erik Franke

Erik Franke

Lena Courntey

Lena Courntey

Senior Designer