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7D BIM Facilities Management

7D BIM Facilities Management and Asset Information Model(AIM)

7D BIM is for Opration Management and Maintenance. Building Information Modeling, allows managers to maintain facilities throughout the construction project life cycle. The technique enables AEC industries to track asset information like permit records, specifications, operation guides, etc. Using 7D BIM, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers and other construction professionals get improved compliance and asset life-cycle management.

7D BIM is a unique approach in which everything related to the facility management process is collected within a single building information model, with the objective 0f maintaining the performance standard of the asset’s components (fixtures, installations, energy behaviour, etc.) until its demolition.


Working on a BIM model enables the simulation of various scenarios to efficiently evaluate the assets management activities such as:

  • Current situation analysis and diagnosis
  • Interventions definition
  • Calculation of timescales
  • Cost estimation