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Our Team

The Pillars of Arbim Studio

The collective vision of the core team at Arbim always Inspires and motivates the entire workforce to exceed the client’s expectations.

A glimpse of our Core Team at Arbim Studio


Mrs. Avni Sikka

Mrs. Sikka brings 15 years of working experience in MEPF domain to ideate and create viable engineering solutions. She has set the bar high regarding time and task management, which has led Arbim to ‘pioneer’ position in the engineering field. Her specialty is designing efficient and futuristic public health systems like water supply, drainage, fire protection systems, etc.


Mr. Rajan Sikka

Mr. Sikka brings his 15 years of experience in MEPF domain His expertise in electrical engineering & solution designing and figuring out innovative solutions has always led everyone at Arbim to overcome the design and technical challenges. His thought process, ability to create new possibilities, and engineering solutions has helped to complete and deliver projects on time.


Juhi Jetly

Ms. Jetly is our Building Information Modeling (BIM) expert with 9+ years of experience. She is enthusiastic about technology, innovation, and designing sustainable solutions. Her focus on creating energy-efficient solutions and infrastructure has helped us deliver future-oriented solutions and projects to our clients.


Mr. Dhaval Shah

Dhaval shah has 20+ years of experience in the AEC Industry and has a post-graduation degree in Environmental Engineering. His expertise is in Project Management & Operations, Business Development, Acquisition and Validation. He is curious and enthusiastic about technology and always brings innovative ideas on the table to execute the project more effectively.