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The GLS University New Campus

19th January 2023 Thursday, a very auspicious day for GLS university to inaugurate or we say “Bhumi Pujan” of new Campus of GLS university.

We are very happy and excited to be part of this such an imperial Institutional project whose legacy runs from generation to generation in a heart of the city. Today we witness this event with hoping of a grant ceremony with a puja and mouthwatering lunch however we were offered much more than that and we were astounded with the kind of vibe & energy of the event. You might assume that was because of arrangement of an event or because of all VIP and VVIP people who were enhancing the event. But I guess no, it was because of the saints who were present there and blessing the event and everyone who were present there, the legacy of “NANAVATI Family” which was making this event more auspicious.  All of us were having their all further important and urgent commitments to work front as its working day however we all lost in spiritual discourse given by BAPS swamiji. We even forget to check our phones.: P

Well, I will stop myself here bragging about the event and actual narrate the Project. It’s like dream come true for any BIM consultant to work with such a high value project. Where you get to work with all well-known and expert consultants. The Architect is none other the AAA (Apoorva Amin Architects) doing magic with their hard working and fabulous team and MEPF consultant is ARTECH Engineering solutions taking good care of services. There are many consultants which will be introduce during the Execution of the building. Our Role is connecting everyone on a digital platform through our 3D information Rich BIM. We are really very excited to give our 200% to this project as this project is close to our heart not just because of the dream team or project scale but because of the trust and faith client has shown in us. When we first met DR. Sudhir sir and gave presentation about BIM that time he had no idea how its works as its yet a very new concept in city. However, he still agreed to get BIM team involved as he is willing to implicate the new global technology and so his Team. Kudos to Team GLS.

I shall leave you here with few glimpse of event and our Architectural BIM Model. We are still working on MEPF and other services, so will keep you posted with Project updates and BIM Progress. I hope you will enjoy the GLS Project journal as much I enjoy being part of this Project.